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Revolutionize the way you execute work in the field by integrating project planning with real-time productivity analysis to amplify time on tools.

Everything you need to get the job done in an intuitive mobile application


The InEight Progress mobile solution provides teams with a direct line of communication from the office to the field, and back again.

  • Ensure operational success through detailed, integrated daily construction reports and plans delivered at the location of the work
  • Seamlessly combine three key field processes (time, quantities, and daily logs) into a single intuitive mobile experience for crews
  • Gain immediate insight into performance with real-time productivity analysis, with or without connectivity

Common Challenges

Know the work to be completed before you begin by communicating planned tasks, quantities and productivity goals.

Simplify the capture of progress in the field by enabling the level of quantity detail your crews need.

Integrated collection of time with cost and quantities to create true productivity metrics, all while seamlessly transferring to payroll systems for processing.

In-app daily logs keep all the necessary information like toolbox talks, photos, issues and daily notes to create a complete historical record of that day’s work.


There are many ways to measure construction progress, but they all generally come back to calculating units completed. Whether those units are construction task focused, cost focused, schedule focused, or built through weighted rules of credit is up to the project or client. In many cases, a hybrid approach will be used based on the scope and critical nature of the work.
A construction timesheet is the method for recording and tracking the amount of time craft workers spend on the project. Typically, timesheets include the hours worked for each craft, coded to specific budget or task items for the project. In some cases, additional information such as quantities completed for the coded tasks and compliance questions are also captured on the timesheet.
By integrating the construction planning and execution in a single solution, detailed crew plans are delivered in sequence at the location of the operation. As the crew tracks each task, immediate insights into performance and productivity provide the analysis needed to continue or adjust the plan for optimal performance.
The responsibility for tracking time and quantities on construction projects can vary, but there is generally a level of approval. As time and quantities are entered, whether by individual craft or by the foreman for the crew, an approval workflow is initiated to review and validate submitted hours and quantities. In some cases, the client may be involved in the flow by signing off on the time and materials of each work ticket.


Whether it’s product on-boarding, training or technical support, Petra Cahaya offers a wealth of services to assist you with construction budgeting:
  • Structured services delivery program from experienced local project consultants
  • Nationwide product support, virtually or on-site.
  • Unlimited Product Training & Support throughout the life cycle of the project


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