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Finally — a project controls solution for design work that drives collaboration and confidence across all project stakeholders.



Design Teams

Our solution brings project controls to your design projects. Now you’ll know exactly where you stand at any given time and when the design deliverable will be complete.

  • Manage design scopes and assign resources
  • Track design progress using “rules of credit” to ensure predictable completion
  • Standardize and systematically track design project budgets, forecasts, earned values, and earned revenues*
  • Confidently convey delivery to project stakeholders

*when used in conjunction with other InEight  solutions


Construction Teams

InEight gives you real-time visibility into evolving  construction quantities as design progresses.

  • Gain real-time visibility into evolving design quantities and delivery dates
  • Manage design quantity changes — and their impact — to drive accountability as designs move through 30-60-90-IFC
  • Seamlessly coordinate design and construction activities such as budgets, forecasts and work plans with an early warning system for design quantity growth
  • Gain the visibility you need earlier, resulting in greater construction budget and schedule certainty

Common Challenges

InEight Design gives you real-time visibility into evolving construction quantities as design progresses. You’ll have an early warning system for possible material and labor issues, allowing you to better manage budgets, forecasts, schedules and procurement.

Get the visibility you need earlier, resulting in greater construction budget and schedule certainty. Only InEight has a comprehensive solution to align design and construction teams through design completion.


Construction budgeting software with historical benchmarking features allows users to review history to determine the most likely cost of performing the same type of work in the future. Certain variables such as project type, quantities, client, etc., are all considered when performing historical benchmarking. Effective benchmarking allows for rapid retrieval and analysis of similar past costs and productivity measures.

Project changes are inevitable and can end up with owners and/or contractors experiencing unplanned expenditures. Construction budget management software clearly identifies out-of-scope items, and allows for an approval process to occur, which incorporates these changes into the project’s working or current budget. Current budget values can be easily compared with original budget values to pinpoint those areas where changes occur.


Whether it’s product on-boarding, training or technical support, Petra Cahaya offers a wealth of services to assist you with construction budgeting:
  • Structured services delivery program from experienced local project consultants
  • Nationwide product support, virtually or on-site.
  • Unlimited Product Training & Support throughout the life cycle of the project


Request a free, no-obligation demonstration of InEight’s design management software and get on the best path of construction.