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Efficiently manage quality, commissioning and turnover with a single tool, streamlining project handoff and eliminating rework after turnover.



InEight Completions Software makes it easy to ensure deliverables are complete and meet your project’s standards.

  • Track and execute all inspection, testing and compliance forms in a single repository
  • Automatically generate turnover package documentation
  • Streamline project handoff enabling you to meet quality, turnover and building commissioning requirements

Common Challenges

Completions lets you quickly manage and execute every stakeholder’s quality, turnover and building commissioning documents via a single tool.
Completions keeps you informed and in control, managing deliverable placeholders and assignment in every phase of a project’s life cycle.
Seamlessly dissect the package details into daily segments for release to the crew at the time of execution.
Completions makes certificates intelligent by automatically linking installation records, testing verifications and project deficiencies to project certificates.
With configurable roles and flexible workflow support, Completions bends to meet your business process needs.
By leveraging Completions to manage quality and building commissioning, create a seamless hand-off between teams and earlier resolution of defects.


Most inspections workflows require buy-in from many project stakeholders, including trades, contractors and clients. Traditionally, coordinating construction inspections and keeping stakeholders up to date has been a full-time job. A digital inspection platform provides instant collaboration while allowing any team to request an inspection, track and assign required stakeholders, and easily report on inspection requirements and progress.

The most successful construction project executions are planned with the end in mind. When commissioning representatives are integrated into the planning and predesign stages of a project, execution teams benefit by having a comprehensive set of documentation and turnover deliverables right from the start. Early access to a commissioning plan provides a guideline for schedule and planning activities for each project team.

When a project comes to an end, there’s often a hefty amount of data required to turn over to the owner or client. Generally, a facility turnover package includes all project data required by the client to occupy and operate the facility, including equipment lists, test results, operations and maintenance (O&Ms) manuals, as-built drawings and data, permits, system trainings and warranty data.

Managing a QA/QC program in the 21st century still means facing challenges with disconnected stakeholders, access to the latest data, and comprehensive requirements management. These impediments can easily prevent even the most organized resources from executing a streamlined construction QA/QC process. But improvements can be seen quickly by pairing proven methodologies with a digital collaboration hub that promotes data transparency.
Building an early path to your construction closeout deliverables can help teams mitigate risk, increase stakeholder visibility, and lessen overall cost spikes often seen toward the end of a project. When closeout requirements are documented early, project teams fulfill the requirements just by completing their normal set of execution activities instead of hunting for closeout material in the final stretch of a project.


Whether it’s product on-boarding, training or technical support, Petra Cahaya offers a wealth of services to assist you with construction budgeting:
  • Structured services delivery program from experienced local project consultants
  • Nationwide product support, virtually or on-site.
  • Unlimited Product Training & Support throughout the life cycle of the project


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